Cole's Pages is our companion website which enables families to set up a personal page for someone they know facing medical crisis. When your family is facing a medical challenge, Cole's Pages is here as a center for news, support, relationships and hope. Create a customized page to keep all your family and friends updated.

Cole's Page Website

Some of the key features that will be made available to you are:

  • Online Donations Page - Family and friends can donate directly to you!
  • Care Ads - Any business can support you while they advertise… proceeds go directly to you.
  • Personalized Store - Individuals can buy personalized products while supporting you
  • Needs - The most common thing we heard going through our experience was "How can I help?" Even though the needs may have been there, I always hated to ask... For example: It was summer during our 3 month journey and our grass obviously needed attention. Even though people asked, “how can I help?” I couldn't bring myself to mention that. This is intended to create a non threatening environment to display the true "Needs" of a family!

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