Brayden McCormick

Brayden was born with hydrocephalus, a grade 3 ivh brain bleed, a tethered spinal cord, sprengel's deformity of his right shoulder, pelvic/horseshoe kidneys, right hip dysplasia, small bowel bacterial overgrowth syndrome (SBBOS), feeding intolerance (gastroparesis and nutrition through a central line in his chest), tracheomalacia, laryngomalacia, collapsed windpipe and trachea. He has had a laryngotracheoplasty where they took a part of his rib and rebuilt 2 sections of his airway. He spends a lot of his time in the hospital. He most recently was diagnosed with a cancer-like auto-immune disease called HLH, which is an awful disease and a form of Histiocytosis. Brayden has over 40 separate diagnoses that do not fall under an umbrella diagnosis. He is considered undiagnosed with multiple medical anomalies. My strong boy has undergone 90 surgeries so far in his short 8 years of life, and is having his 91st surgery on the 28th of…

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